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Free Bulb offer with EZY-reach tool - the easy device for changing or replacing GU10 lightbulbs

Free GU10 Par 16 Flood Light Bulbs with our lightbulb removal tool

Special offer: We are giving away 2 free spotlight bulbs with every EZY-reach order. Just indicate which type you require on the form below then choose your EZY-reach light bulb removing tool (can be used to replace bulbs as well!)

This offer has now finished - put please check back on our site from time to time as we run various promotional offers to promote our GU10 light bulb removal tool / device
Information for GU10 Halogen type bulbs:

Halogen light bulbs that produce light in a similar method to a regular incandescent bulb. A halogen bulb has a filament made of Tungsten, which glows when electricity is applied, halogen light bulbs - assorted styles - same as a regular incandescent bulb. What makes a halogen bulb different is that it is filled with halogen gas instead of argon gas like a regular bulb is. The halogen gas removes the carbon deposits on the inside of the bulb, caused by the burning of the tungsten filament, and re-deposits it back on to the filament, resulting in a light bulb which can be burned at a higher temperature therefore creating, both a whiter as well as a brighter light per watt than a regular bulb. The average rated life of halogen bulbs are typically between 2,000 and 4,000 hours.

We think it can be tricky to grip the face of a GU10 recessed bulb, but with our simple to use tool it can make the task of replacing the bulb much easier and safer without steps or ladders.


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